Dime Software relies on a network of resellers to bring Dime.Scheduler to market. Through this partner channel, Dime.Scheduler's full potential can be reached. Dime Software and their partners team up to offer a tailored experience.

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Reseller programs

Dime Software is an ISV that works through a partner channel to distribute its products. To sign up as a partner, you can choose between the following types:

  • Offering partners may offer Dime Software's products and delegate the implementation and support to a certified professional.
  • Certified partners enjoy a no-frills approach to become a certified reseller for Dime Software's products.
  • Premier partners benefit from higher discounts, provided they fulfil the yearly sales targets.


To attain certified or premium partner status, completion of the following requirements is necessary:

  • Sign the reseller agreement outlining the rights and responsibilities of both parties, namely you and Dime Software.
  • Engage in the reseller certification training. Further details on the training course can be found here.

Note: Non-certified resellers are exempt from training participation, as long as they abstain from involvement in implementation and support services.

Dime.Scheduler reseller program

What's in it for you?

Dime.Scheduler can only be acquired from resellers. Besides being authorized to offer Dime.Scheduler to your customers, you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Margin on each license sold
  • Free and unlimited support
  • A demo tenant for demonstrations
  • Free demos and trials
  • Internal use at a hefty discount
  • Joint marketing and sales campaigns
  • A vote in the product management process
  • Leads who are in need of a reliable partner
  • Sales, functional and technical training programs

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Dime Software partner program

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See in one handy overview what it takes to become a reseller, and what some of the benefits are.

Frequently Asked Questions

After being an ISV for almost 15 years, we often come across the following questions from VARs.

  • "Can we implement Dime.Scheduler without training?"

    Dime.Scheduler can only be implemented by trained professionals. Dime.Scheduler is plug and play, for the people who have had proper training. We make every attempt to make it as easy as possible to implement Dime.Scheduler, but it appears that a training course is a prerequisite for a succesful implementation.
    This is one of the main reasons for the training requirement. We currently lack the capacity to comfortably support VARs for whom it's the first time they work with Dime.Scheduler, not to mention that our business model revolves entirely around certified resellers.

  • "We have a customer that wants to try out Dime.Scheduler, but we do not have trained people yet. What do we do?"

    We often allocate portions of the trial setup as part of the partner training. By the end of the training sessions, you will be a certified reseller, and your customer will have an environment that is ready to go.
    Alternatively, you can request Dime Software to set up the trial. When standard functionality can be used, one or two days should suffice to get the customer onto their free 90-day trial.

  • "What if we do not want to sign up as a reseller?"

    There is a non-certified reseller program that does not require you to perform any work. You may offer Dime.Scheduler but need to delegate the work to certified individuals (or Dime Software, if they are available).
    Alternatively, you can choose not to sign up, in which case you will not receive any of the benefits associated with the partner programs. However, you also won't need to worry about the implementation and support services.

  • "Do we need to sign a reseller agreement?"

    Yes. It is a document designed to protect you, your customer, and Dime Software, and it clearly stipulates what we can expect from each other.

  • "Are there any other requirements besides training and a reseller agreement?"

    No. We kindly ask you to promote our software and provide us with constructive feedback so we know what to build next. We also would like you to join our free webinars so you are up to date on all that is new in Dime.Scheduler.
    In order to use Dime.Scheduler, customers must agree to the terms of service, which are available on

  • "We are a non-certified reseller. Can my customers get a trial on the sandbox?"

    Absolutely. Please bear in mind that non-certified resellers lack the necessary skills to provide consultation, and therefore they must refrain from setting up the trial themselves. However, Dime Software and our network of certified resellers are happy to assist with setting up a trial.

  • "Can we replace the partner training with a joint first implementation?"

    Depending on Dime Software's availability, this is a possibility.
    One of Dime Software's consultants joins you to implement Dime.Scheduler and shows you the ropes. After succesful completion of the project, you'll be sufficiently equipped to take over and do the next implementation projects yourself.

  • "Can we obtain a sandbox without having signed a reseller agreement and completed training?"

    Resellers can get all the sandbox environments they please, as long as they are supported by a trained professional.

  • "Can we try to implement Dime.Scheduler using the documentation only?"

    We have invested a lot of time in our documentation platform, and we aim to make it complete as possible. However, we have learned that while the documentation should be sufficient, people tend to need guidance from our trainers to show them around and teach how Dime.Scheduler works. Dime.Scheduler is a very flexible tool and meant to work across industries, which requires a certain degree of abstraction, which raises the bar for new partners.

  • "Can Dime Software do the implementation on our behalf?"

    This is an increasingly popular choice. We manage and execute the project, including customizations, from start to end, and hand over the project once it is successfully completed. The only thing we ask is that one of your team members follows every step of the way so they can see how it's done. Apart from the implementation, everything else remains the same. Resellers still handle first and second lines of support and can utilize the benefits provided as part of the reseller program.
    However, please note that Dime Software has limited availability for implementation projects, so it is not guaranteed that we will be able to deliver within the agreed-upon timeline with your customer before contracting Dime Software. For that reason, we still absolutely prefer that our resellers are actively involved in the implementation and support of our software.

  • "Can we use Dime.Scheduler internally to plan our consultants and other staff?"

    Absolutely! Certified resellers get a whopping 50% discount off the price list to use Dime.Scheduler for themselves.

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