The Dime.Scheduler reseller program

What's in it for you and your customers.

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Dime Software is an ISV that works through a partner channel to distribute its products. To sign up as a partner, you can choose between the following two types:

  • Offering partners may offer Dime Software's products and delegate the implementation and support to a certified professional.
  • Certified partners enjoy a no-frills approach to become a certified reseller for Dime Software's products.
  • Premier partners benefit from higher discounts, provided they fulfil the yearly sales targets.

To attain certified or premium partner status, completion of the following requirements is necessary:

  • Sign the reseller agreement outlining the rights and responsibilities of both parties, namely you and Dime Software.
  • Engage in the reseller certification training. Further details on the training course can be found here.

Note: Non-certified resellers are exempt from training participation, as long as they abstain from involvement in implementation and support services.

Dime.Scheduler reseller program

What's in it for you?

Dime.Scheduler can only be acquired from resellers. Besides being authorized to offer Dime.Scheduler to your customers, you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Margin on each license sold
  • Free and unlimited support
  • A demo tenant for demonstrations
  • Free demos and trials
  • Internal use at a hefty discount
  • Joint marketing and sales campaigns
  • A vote in the product management process
  • Leads who are in need of a reliable partner
  • Sales, functional and technical training programs

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Dime Software partner program

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