Dime.Scheduler for the Power Platform

Rapidly build and compose your own applications on the Power Platform and connect to Dime.Scheduler in just a few clicks.

Dime.Scheduler for citizen developers

You don't need to be a highly experienced and qualified software developer anymore to build and connect your applications. Low-code initiatives such as the Power Platform make it easier than ever for power users to create tailor-made applications.

The Dime.Scheduler connector for the Power Platform extends the capabilities of the ecosystem, and you only need to make a few clicks to leverage Dime.Scheduler's powerful planning capabilities.

You're in the driver's seat

No matter what business applications you use, Dime.Scheduler can be plugged in without breaking a sweat.

Simply bring your business and your data, and let Dime.Scheduler take care of the rest. Anything can be a task and a resource in our planning solution, so you could schedule...

  • Service technicians who maintain and repair heaters
  • Music instructors who teach students to play instruments
  • Leads registered by the sales reps during conferences
  • Production orders created by your legacy apps
  • Holidays and sickness days

Dime.Scheduler is industry agnostic and does not make any assumptions about your business. It doesn't matter because you bring your business to Dime.Scheduler, not the other way around.

Advanced scheduling at your fingertips

Dime.Scheduler was created with integration in mind. With the Power Platform connector, you can hook up to Dime.Scheduler with just a few clicks.

With the Power Platform connector, you can use the same capabilities as our standard connectors. In just a few minutes, you can...

  • Convert Excel sheets to lists of resources and tasks
  • Create follow-up tasks when a customer contacts you
  • Block out the calendar whenever an employee calls in sick
  • Contact your customer by mail, text when you confirm their appointment
  • And many more!

Like what you see?

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