Everything you need to know to get the most of our support.


There are a few ways to request support. We have a ticketing system which we use to track all requests. We usually respond within 24 hours during regular business hours in the Central European Time Zone (CET).


Make sure to check the documentation and troubleshooting articles before contacting our support team. The search engine is up to date and may take you to the relevant article quickly.

Submit a support ticket

In a nutshell, a complete and comprehensive overview of the issue at hand must be provided to the support team in order to speed up the process:

  • A clear description of the problem
  • The steps to reproduce the error
  • Any additional information, like stack traces, that may help the support staff to troubleshoot.

Sign in to our partner zone and fill out the form on the support page, and we'll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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