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The recordings of the "What is new in Dime.Scheduler" webinar are available now!

For the last couple of weeks, you probably noticed our announcements for the webinar on what is new Dime.Scheduler. We reached out to introduce you to a game-changing concept, appointment containers, and to show you a live demo of two exciting features that will be released soon: the mobile app📱and the ⚡Power Platform connector.

We had great fun presenting this webinar, and we're happy with the positive feedback we've gotten from you. In every single measurable way, this has been the most successful webinar ever.

📺If you like to catch up and see many demonstrations, you can check out the webinar here. Keep on reading if you'd like to get a grasp of what's been said during the webinar.

Appointment containers

Appointment Containers.png

One of the most important new features in recent years has to be appointment containers. It is a lightweight meta entity that allows the planner to group appointments and schedule the group as a single entity, rather than having to plan the appointments one by one. For more info, check our docs.

This opens a world of opportunities to establish advanced planning cases, and because it is so lightweight, it is versatile and thus may have applications in a myriad of industries. In the following months, we will add standard solutions to the standard Business Central connector.

📺 The live demonstration of appointment containers starts at 6:28 in the video.

Mobile app

The response to the first live demonstration of the 📱mobile app was overwhelmingly positive. At Directions EMEA 2021 in Milan, we announced that we had started the development of the app. Months later, the mobile app is feature-complete and almost ready to be launched.

In the webinar, we showed most of the features that will be shipped in the first version, which should be released before or during the Summer. In contrast to the web application of Dime.Scheduler, which caters to the planners, the mobile app is built for the resources. In other words, the app will allow the people in the field and on the road to check their schedules through the mobile app. We also provide a mobile version of the planning board so people can check the schedule of their colleagues, and the app can also be used as a free alternative to expensive and complex location tracking devices.


📺 The first-ever demonstration of the mobile app starts at 35:00 in the video.

Power Platform connector

The functionality of appointment containers clearly demonstrates the versatility of Dime.Scheduler. It's a powerful and lean concept that can be configured and extended to create a solution that meets your customer's requirements. We adopted a very similar approach with a new connector to the ⚡Power Platform ⚡.

The Power Platform connector can potentially be as powerful (no pun intended) as the Business Central connector, as it's built on the very same technology. The only difference is that the Power Platform connector provides the building blocks to connect your apps to Dime.Scheduler. It is up to you and your customer to define the domain models, and to determine which workflows and businesses processes should be supported by the app. Thus, the Power Platform connector provides the same possibilities as the Business Central connector, but it is up to you to connect the dots.

Power Apps Connector@0.5x.png

📺 The demonstration of the Power Platform connector starts at 43:48 in the video.

Automate and optimize your planning

It would be easy to overlook but Dime Software has begun the development of a new product that will provide accessible and easy-to-use AI technology to optimize schedules. It's going to be a standalone product with connectivity to Business Central, but as you can probably imagine, we will also provide out-of-the-box capabilities for Dime.Scheduler as well.

As the product will be provided as a service, any other technology could potentially tap into the planning optimization algorithms, as long as it can provide planning variables such as skills, locations, availability, preferences, etc.


The development has just begun and we don't have anything to show yet, but there will be a world premiere of the product during the BC Tech Days in September.

📺 Watch this announcement here.

More Dime.Scheduler releases coming up

Before the Summer, we will release a new version of Dime.Scheduler with a rules engine in the Exchange connector that gives you the power to decide which appointments to send to Exchange. It will also contain preview releases of the mobile app backend.

For the remainder of the year, we will focus our attention on Dime.Scheduler as a Service. It's still too early to commit to deadlines, but we hope to ship an alpha version of the cloud-based, multi-tenant edition of Dime.Scheduler ready in the first half of 2023.

All of that is to come and we'll keep you up to date if there's any news to report. We're excited about what the future holds for Dime.Scheduler and we hope you are as well!

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